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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Biafra is not our Medicine


Written by: Chukwuebuka Mbaso (writer)

"I love my mother" should not be with mere words,
"I love my neighbor" then back it up with action. If we love our children and wish them good health, Biafra is not our medicine. 

This message is directed towards our vibrant youth, who believe that Biafra is the solution to unemployment, poverty, corruption etc.
Fighting for what you believe in, as courageous and manly as that may sound, has a lot attached to it. "What am I willing to sacrifice and what do I stand to gain"? A question every die-hard Biafran supporter, especially the youths, should ask themselves.

Our lack of experience in tactical combat cripples any chance we have of victory in war. Most of us are currently unequipped politically to push through the necessary paperwork needed to substantiate the need for the actualization of our dream "Biafra". In the absence of this necessary qualification, It is in our best interest to desist from violent campaigns and protests that have labeled us thugs and terrorists (in some cases) in the eyes of other nations. I suggest we channel our fighting spirit towards achievable self-benefitting goals. Let us fight to make our immediate environment a safe haven for all, fight to eradicate crime from our community, fight to ensure the reign of peace and tranquillity. Until then, our sincerity towards Biafra remains questionable.

I admire, in particular, the love and loyalty shown by the youths towards the movement of the actualization of Biafra. "keep the fire burning", but in the heat of the moment, I ask that we sit back and objectively reanalyze the current situation at hand and ask ourselves if Biafra is our solution.

I will refrain from calling names but if our leaders can express their unwavering support of our cause and promise that our valiant efforts won't be easily forgotten at the glimpse of a profitable government agreement, I will gladly follow, lead and even lay down my life, if our leaders are willing to do the same. Until we see an ounce of transparency in our government, let us not fight. Until everyone gets to the point where they can make decisions uninfluenced by personal opinion, let us not create chaos. Until we do away with our inter-tribal differences, amongst other things, let us not be in a hurry to give up our lives. Let us ease up on the preconceived notion of the paradise Biafra will become and wake up to the reality that our country, states, local governments, villages, communities and families are falling apart. 

Nigeria is our hospital, the government our doctors and as we queue up to buy the drugs prescribed for us..please remember "Biafra is not our medicine."

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